Lakkapolku 54, 06100 Porvoo

How to arrive without a car:

You can get closest to our Porvoo post on weekdays by bus from Porvoo Bus Station (line Porvoo-Juornaankylä-Sikilä-Porvoo or Porvoo-Juornaankylä) at bus stop number 5. Get off the bus at the bus stop Lakkapolku P, Myrskyläntie 1605 from where you can reach your destination in approximately 19 minutes by walking north on the route Myrskyläntie> Lakkapolku> Ylä-Säterinkatu> Lakkapolku 54.

Entirely by foot, the walk takes approximately 38 minutes: Porvoo Bus Station, Piispankatu> Lundinkatu> Kirkkokatu> Kirkkotori> Jernbölentie> Lakkapolku> Ylä-Säterinkatu> Lakkapolku 54.

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