Pet Friendly Car Rental

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Pet owners generally want to travel with their pet whether driving their own car or a rental car. It may even be that the whole trip is canceled if pets aren’t allowed. Still, several car rental companies don’t allow traveling with pets.

Dog owners in particular are in trouble since some car rental companies allow crated pets, but many dog breeds are too big for crates.

At RentoGo, you don’t have to worry about any of that! We allow pets in our rental cars as long as they’ve been agreed on and added to the contract so that car seats can be properly covered.

Car Rental with Pets

At RentoGo, the fee for traveling with a pet is only 35 €/rent. The price includes a pet seat cover. You’re responsible for cleaning the car and returning it free of pet hair to avoid cleaning fees. Luckily, the pet seat cover makes it much easier to keep the car clean. However, if your pet moves in the car leaving hair/dirt on uncovered surfaces, it’s your job to clean it up.

If the rental car is unusually dirty when returned, either in general or because of your pet, we’ll have to charge a minimum cleaning fee of 150 €.

Pets are allowed in all our vehicle types including passenger cars, vans, and minibuses.

Car Rental with Dogs

Dogs are welcome in our rental cars crated or without a crate. If you own a crate that your dog is used to traveling in, it makes perfect sense to bring the crate to your rental car as well.

If, on the other hand, your dog is bigger and/or never travels in a crate, s/he’s allowed to sit on a pet seat cover provided by us.

Why You Should Always Let Us Know about Your Pet

Some people may want to bring their pet into a rental car secretly, but for many pet owners it’s not even an option; the most common pets, namely cats and dogs, shed so much hair that the pet’s presence in the car is revealed in an instant. Also, some pets have a distinct smell which many people, especially those with allergies, will notice.

When you let us know that your pet will be traveling with you, both you and your pet are going to have a pleasant trip. By you letting us know, we’ll be able to cover the seat which means less mess for you and that the next person renting the car is less likely to have allergy symptoms even if they were allergic to pets.

We want to keep a few of our rental cars completely free of pets to make them suitable for the most allergic of all. That’s one more reason why we hope that you always let us know if your pet is traveling with you.

Book a pet friendly rental car by calling us at 09 350 855 33!